Centurion Audit Management System


Defensive audits, focus audits, gift of life audits are just a few of the many types of audits professional Audit Practitioners are expected to perform.

Each of these styles of audit require specialized tools to perform efficiently. While your I.T. department may not understand why they’re different we do and have created all the resources you’ll need to efficiently perform these audits.

Centurion can provide you breakdown’s in three different style including by department and by revenue center.

Centurion can interface with your inhouse financial system which typically passes Centurion the itemized bill information so Centurion can create your breakdowns.

You’ll be able to document your findings in Centurion and then have Centurion product reports and sign-off agreements.

Once you’ve finished with the audit Centurion will send your findings back to your financial system for posting.

Our tools may well be everything you’ve been hoping for and our existing clients swear by them.

While our tools will make your life easier and improve your productivity we don’t stop there.

Centurion has also been designed to provide you with analytics that include but are not limited to:

  1. Discrepancies by Department
  2. Discrepancies by Revenue Center
  3.  Results by Provider
  4.  Results by Audit Company
  5.  Results by specific internal auditor
  6.  Results by specific external auditor
  7.  Errors by specific charge code
  8.  Results by financial class
  9.  Auditor productivity
  10.  Error trend analysis
  11. Errors by reason

Each of these reports are date and facility sensitive.